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"Frank May and Associates is always my first choice for appraisals."  J.S. Banker, Sr. V.P.

"I use them because they are reliable and reasonably priced."  F.C. Banker, Sr. V.P.

"Frank May is my first choice for expert testimony regarding real estate valuation, because he has a court experience and he will tell me the truth."  A.R. Attorney 

"I've dealt with Frank May and Associates for over 15 years and they can get things done other can't, because they know how to explain the appraisal process to a banker." B.M. Mortgage Broker

"With Frank May's consulting I was able to get into a home I never thought I would own!"  M.R. Sales

"We used Frank May and Associates for our appraisals, as well as acquisitions, on a large, multi-property and multi-governmental agency project.  They worked out the entire process so smoothly that we have since used them on several projects and recommend them highly to other agencies."  R.D. County Public Works Director

"It was a small town project with potentially explosive political issues.  They (Frank May and Associates) stepped in, contacted the property owners, made appraisals on the easements, negotiated acquisitions, arranged sign-offs and compensation, without so much as a ruffled feather."  M.B. County Public Works Director

"I've used Frank May several times, but most recently I used Frank May and Associates for the appraisals in a large, multi-property diminution in value lawsuit against several government agencies.  They settled after his (Frank May) deposition for several-million dollars, practically everything we asked for, in fact."  O.J. Attorney

"I'm a private lender, I have investors that I answer to directly and most of my loans are large, very complex properties.  When I am considering a loan in the Monterey Bay area and east, I insist on using Frank May and Associates.  I can't afford not to." A.M. Mortgage Broker